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I'm a professional singer with years of experience in the entertainment business. I have used my expertise together with skills learned during lockdown, to develop a new way of entertaining, along with an exciting opportunity to personalise songs for exclusive gifts. 


From the 23rd March the onset of the pandemic all my gigs were cancelled. All the hard work put into our careers was all just taken away. I’ve performed for as long as I can remember and the thought of not singing sends me to panic stations! However, I took some great advice, to stop thinking about myself and think about what I can give to other people. It was this advice that’s helped create the backbone of my new business 'Annagrams'.


During the lockdown I spent my time performing virtual gigs using innovative methods to include other performers and my band members on live streams. Also, every Thursday, to coincide with the ‘Thank You’ to the NHS I recorded a new song along with footage sent in from people in the community. Collectively they received over 70,000 views. This became the catalyst for my new business.

My passion is music and I know that music brings so much joy to others so its a win win! So as Elton says "My gift is my song and this ones for you"... now lets get it delivered!


A video ‘Annagram’ is a unique and personal way to show someone you care. Check out the links to see how you can use yours. VIDEO-ANNAGRAMS. 

It can also be used as a way to celebrate a loved ones life. A thoughtful addition to a service or wake. PRESERVING MEMORIES.

A lot of people have decided to go ahead with their weddings eventhough Covid19 has put so many restrictions in place. No live singing, no readings, limited guests etc. but that doesn't mean they have to be left out completely. A video Annagram is a contemporary way include all of these things on your WEDDING DAY

Check out for more about myself and the band, our theatre shows and future gigs. 

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Anna x

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Finalist in the 'Great Bristish Entrepreneur Awards 2020'

15th Aug 20

As a professional singer, you can imagine the panic that set in right from the onset of the Pandemic. All gigs cancelled includingweddings, events, cruises...etc.


So I took a business which depended on the mass crowds to a virtual personalised gift. With my music and personality along with finishing touches including the recipients family photos. Anna Reay the singer has now turned to Annagrams. Personalised songs recorded and framed, videos grams and doorstep performances.


As Elton John said “My gift is my song and this ones for you”.

Read full article in The Advertiser (Pg 42).


Anna Reay - Great Ladies Of Song show NTR Sounds

10th Aug 20

Anna Reay was approached by a brand new radio station 'New Town Radio' ( through the lockdown to present her own show on the station. She gladly accepted and her show is going from strength to strength. The bi-weekly hour long ‘Anna Reay -Great Ladies Of Song’ can currently be tuned into via the NTRsounds App, as well as online at each Tuesday at 7pm, Thursday 2pm, Saturday 3pm and focuses on business and entertainment news as well as personal topics and special guest interviews.

LISTEN LIVE TUESDAYS 7PM NTRSounds (in assosication with CheekyFM

& Radio Northumberland)


Luxe Magazine

'My New Normal'

29th Aug 20


We've been checking in with a few Luxe faces to find out how life in the 'new normal' is looking for them. This week, we're catching up with North East singer, Anna Reay...

Chatting all about my new life during and after lockdown, inlcuding; Annagrams & New Town Radio!


Luxe Magazine

(Regional, Relevant and Entertaining)


Anna Reay & The Anna Reay Band

From Anna Reay the singer to Annagrams... check out Anna's other website for more info on her gigs once things go back to 'normal'!

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