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I'd like to have a video at a funeral how do I set this up?

A preserving memories Annagram is a unique way to use a song as a soundtrack to celebrate someones life. Like a eulogy with photos and video memories with a song.

For this section we would advise you to speak to us and we would put it together for you. A selection of photos and videos for the best results. If anyone from the family was unable to be at the funeral they can send a video message to include too. 

The venue would just need a projector or tv screen to display the video. Copies of the Annagram Eulogy can be ordered and framed along with a photograph as a keepsake for the bereaved.

Can a preserving memorirs Annagram be used at a wedding?

Enter your answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and concisely, and consider adding written as well as visual examples. Go over what you’ve written to make sure that if it was the first time you were visiting the site, you’d understand your answer.

What can I use the video-gram for?

Anything you would buy a card for you can get an Annagram for. I've sent video -Annagrams for Birthdays, Get Well Soon, Miss You, Thank You, Happy Father's Day and then the occasions which have become a circumstances 'Today Should Have Been Our Wedding Day', 'Missed Hen Party', 'Missed Graduation' the list goes on.

How does the video-gram work?

I usually suggest you send me between 20-50 photos of the recipient or their family. Short video clips can be used as well some with and some without sound. 

I have a catalogue of songs which you can choose from and it is optional if you want me to say a few words at the beginning pr if you want to do it. I then send you an email with the video embeded into it for you to forward on to the recipient.

Can I have a song which isn't in your catalogue of songs?

Yes. There would be an additional cost and would depend on how much notice myself and the band had to arrange, learn  and record the song. Please get in touch with any requests and a quote.

How does the doorstep gig work?

Anna has her car set up so she literally lands and is ready to start within 5 minutes if arriving at the venue. However, please note she has to perfrom from the car. Unless alternative arrangements have been made. The only thing she needs is some power brought to the area in which she is performing. It can be at a house, doorstep, street, venue carpark, as long as there is power and a space to park facing the recipient.

Can I have longer than 15 mins for a doorstep gig?

Yes! Due to the nature of the surprise performance we've found 15-20 minutes is enough to get over the shock and then enjoy the surprise.  However if you wanted a longer set there would be an additional charge but no problem at all set up space would need to be discussed.

Can I have more than one singer?

Absolutely! During the lockdown we limited the amount of singers working together to maximum of two to keep in line with the social distancing rules. We have upped this to three now. Or if you'd like a different singer please get in touch male or female singers available.

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