Don't let lockdown 2 spoil your Xmas

‘Annagrams’ was born in lockdown 1st May 2020.

Although the project was under way long before that. Since then it has gone from strength to strength bringing joy to many people throughout the North East and as far as Dubai and Australia! Anna Reay, ‘Annagrams’ was a finalist in Sept 2020 for Best Creative Business in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020 – quite an achievement for a business set up just a few months prior to the nomination!

There are two main sections to Annagrams –

1- Doorstep performances. Enjoy Anna Reay performing literally on your doorstep. A lovely way to surprise your loved ones during what is now lockdown number 2!

2- Virtual Greetings Songs. A moving and personal way to send your love. Anna will sing the song of your choice to your favourite family memories. With Xmas just around the corner this is a perfect way to let music bring you closer when during these times we can’t be together.

Please visit for more info.

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