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Testimonials: Testimonials
Hear from Our Customers

A birthday video Annagram sent from Christine to Susan. After sharing many lovley moments during lockdown on their walks Christine used the photos they took to put together with the song 'Over The Rainbow'. Christine was so happy with the response from Susan she booked another two video Annagrmas for her twin sons in the army.


Emsy "She’s just amazing isn’t she"

Gayle  "It was fab."

​"R wow amazing whatt a fab surprise"

"Ah what a lovely surprise loved the singer" ​

Lisa Miller "The best present and surprise thank you so much love love 💕 xxxxx"

A surprise doorstep Annagram for Lisa's 50th birthday.


It was so nice to receive a thank you gift for birthday videogram. I get as much pleasure making them as the recipient recieving them. So you are very welcome Sal x


"It was amazing! She did everything I asked and even ordered the drinks before we got there so we didn't have to go in and miss the show. What a fantastic singer! Would 100% recommend!!!!"

Deb booked a doorstep performance which was in the carpar of a restaurant to surprise her husband.


"Thanks so much for yesterday you were fantastic and you made Rach's day" Julie

Doorstep Annagram booked for Rachels welcome home and birthday party in the street. 

Neighbours were our dancing at their garden gates!


"What an amazing surprise. Cheered me right up and brought the party to my door! We loved it!"

Surprise Annagram with two singers Anna REay & Michaela Lawton. Emma missed her graduation due to COVID19 so her friends booked her a doorstep performance. 

sally review.jpg

Sally & Ed booked a virtual Greetings Song and also a doorstep performances.

Lovely surprise for Ross


"I loved it thank you! What a fantastic surprise. Three amazing singers showed up on my doorstep and brought the party into the garden!" Mariette


Olive recieved a video Annagram ealry on in the lockdown from her daughters to tell them they missed them. Then booked a surprise doorstep gig  then Birthday surprise for Olive's 70th in the street.

Testimonials: Clients

“…the email from our girls to Adrian with your Annagram video meant a lot to Adrian he got quite emotional” - LINDA

"Can't thank you enough Anna, She loved everything, In fact we all did. Pure magic” - SUSAN

“Dad loved the Annagram he got all choked up…aww. Thank you again really special” - LAURA

“Oh my!!! That is amazing. I am now a blubbering mess. Thank you so much. 
I wish I could bring him back.” - ANONYMOUS

“It's a fantastic idea, and so personal. I love it!... I think these are going to be my gift of choice from now on! ” 


"He is going to love this. He will treasure this forever.” -Caroline who bought the Annagram...

"Thank you Anna I loved my Annagram from the girls. I got quite emotional"-Michael who recieved it!

Testimonials: Testimonials
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